In order for every child to make progress in their education, the environment for learning should be safe and caring. Every student has the right to:

  • Be educated in a safe secure environment where their moral, intellectual, personal and social development is promoted
  • Their parents and carers being informed and re-assured that their child is being educated in a safe, caring and respectful atmosphere.


Bullying behaviour is recurrent, persistent and targeted. It is the persistent use of power by one or more individuals to intentionally harm, hurt or adversely affect the rights and needs of another or others.

Bullying behaviour is demeaning, frightening and emotionally damaging and the effect on the individual who is bullied can be long term. All forms of bullying behaviour are wholly unacceptable. In St Joseph’s College we aim to ensure that a pro-active approach to the prevention of bullying is adopted and where it occurs, adequate step will be taken to deal with the issues.

Forms of Bullying

  • Physical violence, such as hitting, pushing or spitting at another student
  • Interfering with another student’s property, by stealing, hiding or damaging it
  • Using offensive or racist names when addressing another student
  • Teasing or spreading rumours about another student or his family
  • Belittling another student’s abilities and achievements
  • Writing offensive notes or graffiti about another student
  • Excluding another student from a group activity
  • Ridiculing another student’s appearance, way of speaking or personal mannerisms
  • Using mobile phones or the internet to cause offence or hurt to another student.

The Responsibilities of Staff

In line with our school policy of promoting positive behaviour, a sense of responsibility, rights and mutual respect amongst all people in our school community. We hope to faster the culture of a listening school whereby we empower our students to have a culture of ‘telling’ whereby they feel confident that staff will respond to concerns with confidence and care.

To assist with Bullying Prevention our staff will:

  • Foster in our students self esteem, self respect and respect for others
  • Demonstrate by example the high standards of personal and social behaviour we expect of our students
  • Discuss bullying with all classes, as required, so that every boy learns about the damage it causes to both the child who is bullied and to the bully, and the importance of telling a teacher about when it happens
  • Be alert to signs of distress and other possible indications of bullying
  • Listen to children who have been bullied, take what they say seriously and act to support and protect them, in accordance with agreed school procedure

The Responsibility of Students

We expect our students to:

  • Refrain from becoming involved in any kind of bullying
  • Report if they or anyone they know are being bullied to a member of staff or a parent/ carer
  • Be aware of the school’s Anti – Bullying Policy

The Responsibilities of Parents/Carers

We ask our parent body to support their son(s) and school by:

  • Watching for signs of distress or unusual behaviour in their son(s), which might be evidence of bullying; e.g.
  • An unwillingness to attend school
  • A pattern of headaches or stomach pains
  • Equipment that has gone missing
  • Request for extra pocket money
  • Damaged clothing or bruising
  • Hurtful notes or text messages
  • Informing the school immediately of any suspected bullying
  • Be aware of the channels available to help parents
  • Advising their son(s) to report any bullying which occurs in school to a member of staff
  • Advising their son(s) not to react with anything that could be perceived as unacceptable behaviour.
  • Being sympathetic and supportive towards their son(s) and reassuring them of their confidence in the schools staff  ability to take appropriate action.
  • Keeping a record of any instances of bullying reported to them.
  • Co-operating with the school, if their son(s) are accused of bullying, try to ascertain the truth, and point out the implications of bullying, both for the boy(s) who are bullied and for the bullies themselves
  • Instil in your son positive values which will in turn, ensure they refrain from bullying behaviour

Anti Bullying Flow Chart of Intervention

Download a PDF of the chart here.