School Life

What the Year 8 students have to say…

Jonathan Cassidy, Holy Trinity PS

I am glad I chose St Joseph’s College, its fun here. Already we have done lots of activities and been away to play rugby against Portora and Devenish and we go to the Forum each Monday morning to go swimming. In Home Economics we have done lots of cooking and baking. This has been a busy year with the Christmas Fair which is great fun, Tracksuit Day when we all got to choose an activity to do all day and last week we had a big celebration to celebrate the school’s 50th Anniversary. We had a great day out at the football finals in Brewster Park because both our teams got into the final. We have a new fitness suite and later in the year we will be doing badminton and soccer. St. Joseph’s is the school for you – you will really enjoy it.

Conor Cassidy, St. Mary’s PS, Tempo

I am glad that I am at St Joseph’s College because we get a lot of individual attention from the teachers. There are lots of computers in our Form Room and we can use them if we are in early in the morning. Every year the school has a Tracksuit Day during Feeling Good Week. You can choose from a range of activities and you get to do them for the whole day. It is done to promote a healthy lifestyle. In Base Tutor we learn about the different learning styles. I discovered that I am number smart. Knowing our own best learning style helps us to learn in other subjects. I really like St Joseph’s and I would encourage you to come here too.

Eoin Cleary, Tattygar PS

I was glad to come to St Joseph’s because my Dad and uncles also came here and it is a really good school where we have lots of fun while we learn. We have lots of different subjects that we didn’t do in primary school such as Home Economics, Irish and Base Tutor. We have had lots of activities this year such as Tracksuit Day, rugby matches, gaelic finals and swimming. Last week we got to go to the cinema to see the new Harry Potter movie. This is a class school and everyone gets lots of help from the teachers.

Shane McGullion, Killyhommon PS

I chose St Joseph’s College because it is one of the best schools in Co Fermanagh. It has lots of sport; already we have done rugby, swimming, soccer and gaelic football. We also have a new fitness suite with lots of equipment which we get to use during PE or we can join the after-school fitness club. I love when we get to cook in Home Economics; we made cookies and pizza and buns and we are going to make a chocolate log for Christmas. In our Form Room there are lots of computers which we can use before registration or if it is raining at break time. In Base Tutor we learn which is our best learning style. This helps us to learn better in other classes. The Christmas Fair was great fun and we raised money for the school.

James O’Doherty, Holy Trinity PS

St. Joseph’s College is a great school and I am really glad I chose it. We get to cook every week in Home Economics. We have a brand new fitness suite which we can use after school and we have lots of other sports on offer like soccer, rugby, swimming and gaelic football. We had a special day in October called Tracksuit Day when we got to choose an activity to do for the whole day. I chose fishing and it was great fun. We have a Student Council and I was elected as the rep for my Form Class. We get to meet regularly and we always try to suggest ways we could improve the school.

Michael McManus, St Patrick’s PS, Derrygonnelly

I like St Joseph’s College because you get to do lots of different subjects and activities that we didn’t do in primary school. We have lots of computers in the school which we get to use often and we have a new fitness suite which has lots of equipment in it. In PE we get to do a variety of activities like swimming, soccer and rugby. The teachers are very kind and always help you if you need it.